A year round gem! Perfect for nature lovers and Winter activities

Yesterday afternoon we decided to go cross country skiing at the Wye Marsh. The weather was perfect – after weeks of storms and deep snow it was wonderful to get out. The Wye Marsh has a warm welcoming visitors centre. They have great activities for children and adults alike – build a suet bird cone, feed the birds with seed they supply. Just outside the visitor centre there were dozens of bird feeders and chickadees, nuthatches, goldfinches and red squirrels that were busy enjoying the free lunch.

We were measured for skis and boots and we got all set up and headed out to ski. The centre has snow shoe rentals – you must take different paths if you decide to snowshoer that were on the ski path. One criticism – the map was a stiff over size postcard that was too large to be practically placed in your pocket for easy referral and the trails guides were a bit confusing. Hence we encountered lost snow shoers.

I finally managed with a lot of help to get my boot into the ski- and I promptly fell. I managed to do this many times- the snow was very sticky and I had not been cross country skiing in years. There are several trails that offer a variety of choices depending on the skill of the skier. Lots of kids were on the trails and parents were backpacking and pulling toddlers on sleds.

The scenery was gorgeous and we had the trail to ourselves.The trails close at 4, but you can enjoy the birds of prey area and the visitor centre as you warm up. The have a great display of reptiles, including turtles. There was a very knowledgeable staff person that was eager to share information. Wye Marsh also has a nice gift store – with a wide variety of nature books, T-shirts, jewelry, binoculars and the usual souvenirs. You can get snacks if you get hungry. Remember to bring water! I highly recommend this activity as a way to embrace what you cant change and that is this years SNOW. I plan to return and get a years pass. The cost for rentals and admission for two was $56.00. At the end of the day – we felt is was a fair price and next time we plan to bring a picnic and stay for the day. The Wye Marsh is a fabulous year round outdoor activity centre. I look forward to kayaking the waters – next summer.

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