Wedding Officiant Announcement

It is a great pleasure to announce I have become a Licensed and Registered Officiant with All Seasons Weddings in Canada.  I am also a wedding planner in Muskoka/Simcoe.  My Chef days certainly brought me a fair share of brides and event planning and this is a fitting transition in my career.


Statistics show that more couples are choosing to get married in all types of locations and fewer weddings are being held in churches. A non-denominational wedding is a perfect vehicle to customize your wedding day. As an officiant I travel to all types of locations where couples really enjoy adding their own touches. Officiants facilitate that by allowing any type of alternative venues.


I am thrilled to be able to perform ceremonies that are your wedding, your way. Couples can choose from a variety of ceremonies and they can also write and include vows and readings that reflect who they are. I help them personalize their special day.


I am excited because it seems like such a perfect fit for me at this time in my life. It is so incredibly rewarding and satisfying to participate in such positive events.


Arriving prepared at Rawley Resort

Yesterday I performed a no-frills ceremony at Rawley Resort, a beautiful spot in Port Severn, Ontario, under a willow tree by the water, with an umbrella handy as rain was threatening. The good news is that the weather held for the ceremony. As it turns out there were severe rain storms all day after the wedding.  We sure need that rain as there has been a drought this summer. On the flip side, I had to keep checking for flooding in my basement. There is a reasonthe expression ”when it rains it pours” is often used.


I am also available to perform baptisms and End of life Celebrations for those that require such services. I want to reach out and offer my services and welcome inquiries, questions and calls.

I have lots of weddings scheduled and I am very happy to be given the opportunity by All Seasons Weddings which is a top-notch organization.

A Wedding table full of wild flowers

Please check out their web site.

To find me you can use this link to my profile



My direct email is


Please enjoy the rest of your summer.  I look forward to feedback.


Elizabeth Jane Phillips

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  1. Elizabeth I am very impressed and so HAPPY for you. Looking so smart,good luck with the new job.
    Wish you the very best

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