En Attendant Le Printemps

I have to ask myself how many Ode’s to Spring can I write? When I wrote the last ode, at least a month ago I thought we had seen the last of the winter’s unpredictable temper. I would love to be able to say that Le printemps est là, Spring is here, but it is not.


Sole crocus fighting the snow


Last weekend there was a snow and  ice storm, followed

Faithful? harbingers of spring

by a wind storm. The flowers are struggling to find their way out of the heavy blanket of snow. The bed should look like this











May will soon be upon us and the buds are out on the magnolia tree. Yesterday morning, I had to chase a pair of squirrels out of the tree because they decided they were going to nosh on my gorgeous yellow tulip magnolia. I threw a hanger from the balcony window, this seemed to work even though it missed both of those critters.

The bees are out it droves looking for dandelions but are instead busily buzzing over the cracked corn that I have thrown out for the turkeys. March is prime stomping time for toms and they are resplendent. One tom insists on parading himself on the busy main road while displaying his magnificent array of feathers and colors. Yesterday at dinner time he challenged a large red truck as it stopped to let him cross the road to safety.

The tom with snood, wattles and caruncles at the ready. I can’t forget the beard.

Tom Full On

The tom ran up and hit the bumper, he was emboldened, not fearless.

What a spectacle


Here is a video that I shot earlier this week of a Tom doing it’s thing:



Song Sparrow waiting out the snow storm.

The Chickadees, song sparrows and goldfinches are calling and the chubby ground hog is back right on schedule. He/She was out looking for something, anything to eat a few weeks ago. The foot or two of snow that fell drove it back under the barn. Their regular hole( mind you they have about 8 holes) is still frozen over. The chipmunks appear and disappear with the snow. The robins and redwings may just have decided to head back south for awhile. Who could blame them?


From the farmhouse kitchen:

Country Loaf and Honey

I have been busy baking bread and perfecting quiche. It has been fun and I love the way creating a loaf of bread makes me feel. I know that I am saving lots of money and it is superb. The country loaf comes together in minutes and there are so many variations that you can make.




Zatar & Sea Salt Focaccia


Yesterday I decided it would be foccacia and parmesan cheese loaf.

Cheese Bread


Making a proper quiche takes a lot of work.You need to blind bake the crust so its not soggy. You need scald the cream and prepare the filling and so on. However the end results are so superb that it is well worth it. Quiche is another dish with many iterations, I tend to prefer a few basic ingredients, no broccoli quiche for me. I serve my quiche with a salad dressed classic tarragon flavoured vinaigrette. The combination of the rich cheese and lardons with the mixed lettuces dressed in a tangy crisp vinaigrette is a marriage made it in culinary heaven.

Williams farm Wyevale Ontario.

I had a wonderful time on the annual maple syrup tour in my county. The sap was running late this year due to cold weather. I never cease to be in awe of the maple syrup making process, the memories of my father and I at the sugar shack. The process is now high tech and far less

Raw Maple Syrup




labour intensive. The rest of the hard work which is year round: cutting enough wood, checking the tap lines and mending them keeps farmers busy. I was happy to find out that the prices wont increase as a result of the weather.






Cake and tea time

Spring think tank 2018


I am writing this as i sit at my dining room table, my spring think tank, and watching as the bright sun oh so slowly melts the ice. Time for a cup of tea and a slice of cake.




Chef Elizabeth

Planning for Spring

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