Outrageously Delicious- Kouign Amann

I have been very busy baking with yeast and I am thoroughly enjoying it. It truly is a miracle, how those few ingredients are blended and then yields such fragrant and delicious results. I love working with the dough and yes each time I lift up the towel and I see the risen dough I feel happy.


It all begins with the dough

Kouign Amann is a specialty of Brittany and is traditionally served as a whole cake. Using individual pastries is even more delicious. One Chef note here: The quality of the butter makes all the difference. High quality butter is not that easy to find  in the small city where I live.


I had to share these delicious images of Kouign Amann, the new pastry craze. They are like a sugary croissant that explodes with butter. I add the zest of blood oranges to the sugar that is scattered over the pastry. The result is an aromatic,almost perfumed pastry with the bright scent of citrus.



Impossible to just eat one

While not easy to make for the inexperienced, they are worth the effort. They sell at retail for four dollars a piece. Yesterday as they finished baking I ate sixteen dollars worth.

For those that are inclined to try the recipe,here is a link to the recipe which is from The Great British Baking Show.http://www.pbs.org/food/recipes/kouign-amann/


I have included a few pictures from around the farm. Spring has arrived, sort of. It is maple syrup time and the turkeys are very busy. The redwings and robins are back.

Farmhouse Easter

Remember the old days?

Happy Easter, Chef Elizabeth






Maple Syrup Festival

March is Prime Tom time

This Tom is trying very hard,but the females ignore him.



Snow drops are blooming

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