Honey For Sale

I am thrilled to announce that I have fulfilled a life long dream and have added 14 hives to my property. It is a wonderful feeling and I am excited to announce that Wynyates Farm is now selling Pure Raw Unpasteurized Wildflower Honey.As you walk around the property, you can see and hear the bees. I swear I can hear bees in my sleep.


I am planning to have for sale baked goods that feature honey and are made with all locally sourced fruit and vegetables.


Please drop by and check out the farm and buy some of the most delicious honey you have ever tasted.



The Kilo jar is 12 dollars, the 500 gm jar is 7 dollars and the 500 gm creamed honey is 9 dollars.


Check for the sign to tell you we are open. 


Check out our FaceBook Page Wynyates Farmhouse Bakery and Cooking Studio for updates.


Hope to see you soon. Georgian Bay is gorgeous all year round and there is plenty to do.


Chef Elizabeth


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