My Farm Garden Is Blooming

Here on the farm,  the garden is blooming and I am in heaven.  Each day brings more color and more creatures that arrive to eat the blooms.

This time of year it is very busy as it is planting time and with frost warnings its a dicey game. This year I decided to go with the ever popular raised bed strategy to help with weeds. I use no pesticides and as a result the battle against the weeds and pests is one I seem to lose. When you plant a garden you put your worries into that soil. Those plants become dependent on you and on the weather that you cant control. This year there will be lots of straw to help with weed control.

I have noticed that there are no frogs in my ponds – which is odd. Last year we had dozens. The faithful wren did not return nor did the indigo buntings. There has been no signs of bunnies or skunks but the groundhog has created a super highway underground under all my buildings. Mother raccoon visits every day to eat the peanuts at my feeder. The first nest of robins fledged last week and the starling parents are still feeding their chicks in my out building. You need to get used to change on a farm and you also get its hand maiden and that is constants. Worries are one of them and wonder is the other. I would not trade my life for any other- well-I do admit I could use a farm hand and an electrician and an engineer or two around the farm.

I love the flowers and the future and tomorrow I will continue planting the vegetables – tomatoes, peppers, kale, cantaloupe, scotch bonnet peppers, lemon grass, Brussel sprouts and all the herbs. Today I inspected my plants and some mammal was dining on my tomatoes, daisies and milkweed- just to name a few- and so the battle begins.

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