Could not resist-! Go to a local U-pick farm. Celebrate the summer’s first harvest- wherever you are-

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Here in Ontario fresh vegetables and berries are hitting the market stands- What is in season? – It is that time of year again-  Summer’s first harvest is upon us- Asparagus is almost finished -Rhubarb is being harvested- make a pie- a crisp or chutney –  Strawberries are on schedule, last year they were early- plan to go and pick some they are half the cost and it is a lot of fun! I wouldn’t lie – Have a jam bee with a few friends- Toss the berries into a fresh  arugula or baby kale salad add some goat’s cheese – nuts of your choice toss with a light vinaigrette – dust with chives and enjoy –  Of course there is jam -add mint or basil for a change – Or freeze to add to smoothies in the winter –Straberries 2013
Also,yellow and green beans are here – I make jalapeno beans to go with my signature drink -Bloody Elizabeth’s!
Bloody Elizabeths
My treat of the day was fresh peas- it brought me right back to being a little kid- it was the very first vegetable I planted and harvested when I was about 5- I love them fresh right out of the pod- Add them to a salad raw- or just enjoy running your finger down the pod, gathering them in the palm of your hand and swallowing them all at once-


Chef Elizabeth

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