Spring is fighting winter- but my kitchen is warm and filled with baked goods.

Dried Cranberry -Buttermilk scones hot out of the oven.

Dried Cranberry -Buttermilk scones hot out of the oven.

Today I have been very busy baking and recipe testing for the upcoming cook book and local  farmers market.  Scones hold a special place in my memory- from my first baking lesson days with Clara my British God Mother – I was about 6 years old when my sentimental education began. Clara taught me about discipline and respect for food. Baking was a science to her and she was an exceptional baker. I learned the ritual of tea with her and I have never tasted tea like hers again. It was always the heated brown betty kettle  and cozy, the very finest tea cups and saucers  and spoons, milk first and coloured sugars sat among the regular sugar and tea slices. I always looked forward to making scones with Clara-  like so many of her generation  Clara used currants in her scones just as she did in her butter tarts.

Scones with Jam

All -dressed scones with butter, sour cherry jam and a touch of heavy cream.

Scones bring me back to when I was in my late teens, my  two younger sisters and I- that is two of the six sisters, would ride the escalator to the top of Holts and have scones- we thought it was the guiltiest pleasure, In fact they were. My late sister, my mother and I used to go to tea at the Four Seasons in Toronto. My mother loved her shot of sherry and I liked my Chardonnay – the tea usually insipid  was never really very good. My sister Theresa always ordered double scones and told them to forget the cucumber sandwiches. We spent many late afternoons sitting there wondering how a few sandwiches and scones could cost $28.00 per person and that was at least ten years ago. Scones hold a special place in my memory and as I sat and slathered cream on my scones I toasted Clara, my sisters and my mother.

Today I chose to make  dried cranberry scones, dried cherries are also a great option.  They are easy to pull together and the results are fantastic.  Best warm out of the oven they need no embellishments however I couldn’t resist. I added a dab of fresh butter, sour cherry jam and just a touch of heavy cream- devon cream is best if you can find it.

This recipe along with many of my family, professional and life time favourites will be available in my upcoming cookbook.

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