Here are some pictures of Ice Flowers -and Avian Jewels that shone


These croci frozen in ice- the pastels are lovely.

Last night the storm started and I ended up with an acre of every imaginable bird. This is migration time so song sparrows, tree sparrows,  downy wood peckers, nuthatches, cardinals, mourning doves, robins, grackles, juncos, goldfinches, red winged blackbirds,  were part of the avian team that came to feed on the corn, black oiled sunflower, suet, niger, and apples.  I wanted to share a few photos of these birds and of the “Ice Flowers” that adorned my garden. Ice is a delicious opportunity to capture and “freeze” their beauty.

Ice Creamsicle

These remind me of creamsicles..


Redpoll and Nuthatch enjoying black oiled sunflower seeds-

Frozen Grass

This tall grass that surround one of the ponds sat still and frozen captured in ice but one could still the fluidity and the motion.


As the crows begin to pair up – these two stole a moment- they are amongst 60 or so that come to feed on the corn.


I adore Redpolls – they are lively and garrulous and when they visit – I am enchanted.

Strutting Tom

My beloved Turkeys – I have watched them from infancy until this proud moment as Tom sets out to be a polygamous male- truly and literally chasing tail – the Hens or jennies remain indifferent – What an expensive way to court a girl….

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