Lost in Colorado

I have been in Colorado in the Denver area for about a month-  Facing the size an age of the mountains has been my biggest challenge- It has taken me weeks ro come to terms with the enormity and profundity of these Rocks. There are so many types shapes sizes its hard to process. Last weekend I took a train ride through the rockies- incroyablle!  The sleeper car meant for two in effect was large enough for one small person.On the way to Glenwood Springs most of the time was spent in the dining car and the viewing car- It did not take me long to figure out that the coach travellers ran and took up most of the seats- Those that paid first class rates had to wait out the seat hogs- they were entrenched  in the seats until hunger – thirst or a change of diapers forced them to leave their seats.  Everyone on the train was in utter awe as the train sped along at about 10 miles an hour – It is a trip everyone should take- As this is my first time in the mountains I have lots of catching up to do.   While staying at the very comfortable Antler – Best Western it was a short walk to the Gondola ride to the caves – considering my utter fear of heights- (I will tell the Arc de Triomphe story another day- ) I was very pleased that I managed to make it up the mountain side without a panic attack.

THe scenery was incredible and I managed to take some pictures as I awaited the tour of the caves- I felt uncomfortable with the guide’s use  of nick names for certain stalagmites and stalactite formations- no they did not look like a dwarf- I felet as if i were in an adult toy shop!   Look below for evidence….. The tour was too short- but they do give you the option for some real spelunking-  I am always the last person to arrive when on a tour and that day was no exception- trailing and making all the other people angry-( My tours with my daughter in Le Loire Valley are another hilarious tale)  Needless to say – I ran out of batteries- it always happens – The eagles that I could spot from ground level and that I had hoped to see up close were no where to be found- Birders luck- I live with it every day –

The closest I have been to wild life since my journey began.

The closest I have been to wild life since my journey began.

There was an amusement park at the top of the mountain- no comment from me- Build it and they will come- One ride the Canyon swing shoots out over the canyon – and you hang upside down – Now  – really   – my question is WHY???

Despite numerous and ubiquitous signs all over warning of wildlife- and thousands of tracks all over- you never see a single animal-  the woman in the gondola  who was with her 6 kids under 10 looked down and said ‘Oh Look all these peoples footsteps – but where did they go?”   I worry about those kids… I have included a picture of me with a few of them in the background- Junior does not look very happy…  I dont blame him.

It was a wonderful day that ended at my favourite Mexican eatery – Tequila’s where the service is fast efficient and the margaritas are custom- made and icy cold. The free salsa and chips and coleslaw with cilantro and jalapeño are refreshing and delish! Fajitas are fantastic and after a second margarita – the day ends perfectly.  After dinner I return to the room to review the days pictures and to analyze my photographic success or failure!


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